No Commitment

Some of our friends have pointed out that while they enjoy the idea behind this site, they are not prepared to commit to voting for Crowley, especially so early in the game. We want to assure you, that is perfectly alright! You can support our cause however you see fit, and we encourage you to vote according to your conscience when the time comes. We don’t expect you to commit at any point, ever. Please help us spread the word anyway!

Even if you don’t live in the U.S., that is no reason not to support our cause and promote this campaign. The campaign is truly only a vehicle for the message it carries.

At the very least, the campaign is a great conversation starter. Bring it up at the next party you attend! By doing so, you will help to spread Crowley’s fundamental message of freedom, and his declaration of the ultimate sovereignty of every individual.

“… except ye be free to act, ye cannot act.”

About ac2012

We realize that Aleister Crowley is dead. And British. And, moreover, not running for office. Nevertheless, we believe that the most effective vote you can cast in 2012 is one for Aleister Crowley. “The absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.”
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