Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley

Barbara Bush is not Aleister Crowley's daughter, but she knows how to banish!

Barbara Bush is not Aleister Crowleys daughter, but she knows how to banish!

Barbara Bush is NOT Aleister Crowley’s daughter. Shocker, right? As a matter of fact, there is NO evidence that Aleister Crowley ever met Bush’s mother, Pauline Pierce, at all, despite the claims in the hoax). Sadly, Snopes has not yet made time to discredit this ridiculous claim; in the meantime, AC2012 must take up the task.

Thing is, this April Fool’s joke (note the date of the post) has made the rounds, and is now cited as evidence (oftentimes along with spooky music and suggestive questions) that Aleister Crowley really is the father of Barbara Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush! Alex Jones and “Freeman” have also taken this idea and run with it, and are seemingly also taking credit for the “theory” themselves. This hoax has somehow even made it into the popular In Search of the Great Beast documentary, which leads one to wonder about the journalistic standards applied there. Past examples of April Fool’s jokes on the Cannonfire blog also include: photos of Ann Coulter’s pre-op penis; a hypothesis that Hillary Clinton was connected to the assassination of JFK; a claim that Obama wrote a set of Marxist “rules for revolution”; a conspiracy connecting Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, and JFK; and comic book conspiracies involving occult disaster predictions. Citing Cannonfire’s April Fool’s post as evidence is even more hilarious than seeing Chick Publications quoting Léo Taxil to prove that Freemasonry is Satanic (if only)!

“The Fool stirs within all of us at the return of Spring, and be cause we are a little bewildered, a little embarrassed, it has been thought a salutary custom to externalise the subconscious impulse by ceremonial means.” — Aleister Crowley in The Book of Thoth

Update! Feb 2, 2011

Check out (and share!) our new video featuring ominous music, suggestive questions, and the stunning truth that has never yet been told on YouTube! Please share this video and spread the news that the rumors about Aleister Crowley being the father of Barbara Bush are simply false.

Update! April 15, 2011

It appears that Cannonfire has given us a very subtle nod in their 2011 April Fool’s post. The suggestive “evidence” presented in this year’s hoax comes thanks to the testimony of one “Diana V.,” a reference to Léo Taxil’s fictional star witness, Diana Vaughan, mentioned above. If the original joke fooled you, don’t feel bad. We understand completely the desire to see a Crowley in the White House. After all, Aleister Crowley’s philosophy is to establish individual liberty and the sovereignty of the will as the basis of government. Write in Aleister Crowley in 2012!

Update! September 20, 2011

Perdurabo by Richard Kaczynski

Richard Kaczynski, author of “Perdurabo,” the definitive biography of Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley biographer Richard Kaczynski writes:

“The Bush story was first posted ages ago as an April Fool’s joke. It was pretty funny at the time, but since then has taken on a life of its own thanks to conspiracy theorists who uncritically accept and repeat it as fact. It has even been repeated in a Crowley documentary that failed to do its homework. But it just ain’t true.”

Indeed, Dr. Kaczynski, and well said!

Update! October 9, 2011

Thanks to Cannonfire for the favor of linking to AC2012 in the latest Cannonfire blog post!

Update! April 1, 2012

Cannonfire has a new April fool’s day post, today, which draws a connection between Aleister Crowley and JFK, via the Thelemite founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner! A hilarious post that is well worth checking out.

Update! September 20, 2015

Jeb Bush is running for President in the Republican Primary. This meme was spotted on the Interwebs:

Jeb Bush Aleister Crowley

It turns out, Jeb Bush and Aleister Crowley both look like middle-aged white men. Cue the spooky music.

About ac2012

We realize that Aleister Crowley is dead. And British. And, moreover, not running for office. Nevertheless, we believe that the most effective vote you can cast in 2012 is one for Aleister Crowley. “The absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.”
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45 Responses to Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley

  1. Derek says:

    A Pierce of Aleister Crowley has died again.

  2. M Simon says:

    A Crowley in the White House? We should be so lucky.

    We did get a Trump.

  3. Colin says:

    Glory and worship be to Thee, Sap of the world-ash, wonder-tree!”

  4. Don says:

    You guys must know that would be bad news. Why?
    If AC was so great a man and not as everyone seems
    To know a sick perverted twisted man. Then
    Hey why would anyone care if they are related?
    Because no one wants that sick satanic labor on there family tree
    So point is if he was so great!? Then what’s the fuss? :) Hmmm?

    • ac2012 says:

      We simply value the truth, for its own sake, and wish to set the record straight on this issue. Also, we enjoy being the only resource on the Internet which reveals the true facts of the matter, because it brings us traffic!

  5. Tor Krieger says:

    Denying something is true because you don’t like the conclusion is a logical fallacy. Especially when there’s so much evidence beyong any alleged “April Fool” joke. I mean, how childish is that anyway, “anyone who believes that is a dummy! So there!” And so what if Crowley is part of the Bush line.

    • ac2012 says:

      There is exactly zero evidence, in fact. The only argument people have presented is that of Joseph Cannon, of the Cannonfire blog, who started the whole thing with an April Fool’s joke. It’s you who is ignoring the evidence.

  6. Matt says:

    Ac2012…why do you care so much about proving this to be an April Fools joke??? Just curious about your motives here….

    • ac2012 says:

      We care about the truth, and being associated with Bush just cheapens AC. There are a lot more interesting things about him that are actually true. Plus, we like the web traffic we get from being the first website to debunk this nonsense. It’s thrilling to be the lone voice in the wilderness telling the truth while an April Fool’s joke is being repeated in documentaries as if it were true. Surely you understand all this now that it’s been explained?

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  8. Amy says:

    Nevertheless, Barbara Bush Looks Exactly like Aleister Crowley! Because DNA don’t lie. She looks nothing like Marvin Pierce, her step father. (Nice try!) Why did George Bush have all of the stars in Republican symbols turned upside down (to honor Satan) in the new century 2000? There is MUCH devil worship amongst the Bushes. How much were you guys paid to write this story and make it look like a hoax? It’s not a hoax. Nice try though.

    • ac2012 says:

      Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley look nothing alike. You must think all old white people look the same? Try looking at younger pictures of each of them. Or just make up whatever BS you want to believe and go right ahead and believe it. Joke’s on you, fool.

      If only Bush had worshiped Satan, the world could be a better place.

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, i find t especially humorous how this article questions the journalistic integrity of the people that wrote the first article on Crowley/Barbara. Journalistic integrity? Is that supposed to be some kind of April fools prank in itself?? I don’t know if journalism has had any integrity, truth, morality, or even believability for decades, has it?
      I gotta tell ya though… Barbara has her daddy’s eyes! Ha!

      • ac2012 says:

        You’re not reading very carefully. Journalistic integrity was brought up regarding the documentary film which took the April Fool’s joke as fact.

        The first article on Crowley and Bush was an April Fool’s prank by its author. Obviously it was not intended to have journalistic integrity to begin with since it was a joke.

  9. usurykills says:

    Perhaps you can explain this posted in 2003?

    Google has advanced search terms, you know. There’s more if you will look.

    Not saying it’s true, but the joke is not the source. Keep looking if you dare.

    • ac2012 says:

      That was not posted in 2003. You can tell because it cites sources for the info:

      1. a bad documentary made in 2007, and

      2. the April Fools joke itself from 2006.

      Thanks for playing.

    • Human Observer says:

      That link was a bunch of nonsense. Crowley was definitely not a Satanist, exactly the opposite if you read his books. I think you are confusing satanism with the ancient mystery religion practices. This is very foolish because what we are dealing with is far older, more complex, and more dangerous than satanism. Satanism is a joke, and to be a satanist you’re not allowed to believe in God or Satan. It’s obvious the elite and Crowley believe in other worldly entities. Also it’s a mistake to assume Crowley had bad intentions because he was passionate about getting to the same answers we seek. Crowley’s work is very important and should be studied by anyone looking for the truth.

  10. Such progeny could never be AC’s issue. Ugh!

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  12. Espossible says:

    If anything AC2012, considering the slippery slope of conspiracy theory. Your avid denial despite the fact that this proving to be true or false would have still no real effect in the world. Hence why so defensive? This will make people associate you with the Global hierachy, and hence be untrustworthy. you counter other people’s statements with denial of their validity while providing none of your own. ps: Riding the high horse of not raping other humans, while having your c**k up the A** of a Goat, is not the sign of a Good leader.

    • ac2012 says:

      We are somewhat proud that AC2012 is the first and, so far, only place on the Internet where this ridiculous hoax has been debunked. Certainly you are right that conspiracy nuts will only take this as a confirmation of their deepest fears (cue spooky music), but that’s just the way it goes with these things. We’re not really trying to win over irrational and paranoid people, though of course we welcome their support should they choose to offer it.

  13. Richard says:

    I’d like to point out that the journal entry in which F.H. (obviously Frank Harris, sorry) is mentioned is from 1924. Crowley and Frieda did not meet until the late 30’s, so you should probably correct that.

    • ac2012 says:

      You’re totally right; good catch. Regardless, there remains zero evidence that AC ever met Bar’s mom, and this April fool’s joke is obviously a hoax.

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  15. dwil says:

    And Snopes is your measure of the Pierce-Crowley connection? What a joke/disinformation attempt. This contention existed LONG before some insidious Snopes obfuscation: FH = Frank Harris and not A.C.\’s Scarlet Woman, Frieda Harris! That, concerning Snopes, says it all! Additionally, if you actually READ Joseph Cannon\’s writing on the affair –, you will see that he comes to NO opinion on Crowley-Pierce. In fact, the evidence Cannon lays before the reader would lead one top believe that the affair did, in fact, take place… and yes, this was bandied about long before 2006; whispered publicly at least as far back as during \”W\’s\” campaign – and in Austin, Texas, this has been discussed since \”W\” was governor.

    • ac2012 says:

      Did you even read this post? What does Snopes have to do with it? Joseph Cannon doesn’t present any evidence whatsoever, as a matter of fact. Just a big joke :) Having corresponded directly with him, we can say this with absolute certainty. Go look for actual evidence, rather than make-believe nonsense, and you’ll see.

  16. John Staumph says:

    Not sure about the Bush thing, but I’m sure that your idol Crowley (and the bush family) would be very proud of Jerry Sandusky.

  17. nikki says:

    Just like people demanded Obama to show his birth certificate, she can get a DNA test!! Only she knows who her father is…or does she? Who knows, i still say DNA doesn’t lie!!

  18. John says:

    This most certainly doesn’t prove that she is not his offspring either. I tend to believe that she is. Why? Because she is part of a diabolical bloodline she married into. Look at her husband. If she doesn’t know who her father is, then how can you say he isn’t or is? Tell you what, ask her to give a DNA sample, then trace her lineage back. Pierce did spend a couple of years with Crowley in Europe. She had a child named Barbara. Is it her, who knows. But you cannot say that it is not her, nor can we say it is her. By the way, if you get any where near trying to investigate her, be prepared to dodge some things and people.

    • ac2012 says:

      You can certainly draw your own conclusions from the facts: there is no evidence that she is his offspring, and there is evidence she’s not.

  19. msdemiurge says:

    Sorry dude… I remember hearing about this as far back as the late 80’s. It’s hardly a new thing thought up on a recent April fools day. It’s been bandied about in Thelemite circles and amongst those who were pissed that the director of the CIA was allowed into a high ranking executive office for AGES.
    Incidentally, as far as intelligence operations go.. google Crowley MI5, darling.

    Is this absolute proof that it’s true? No, it is not. However, it’s certainly more credible than one idiot noticing that ONE post regarding the Crowley/Pierce connection happened on April fools day whilst whining about snopes not confirming his opinion.

    • ac2012 says:

      Your memory deceives you. You could not have heard about it in the ’80s, since it was made up by Joseph Cannon in 2006. We’ve corresponded with him about this. You cannot back up your claim, because there are no sources for this rumor prior to April 1, 2006. An anonymous person’s vague memories of the ’80s are not remotely credible.

      Crowley certainly was a spy for the Allies, and we have written about that elsewhere.

  20. Kevin... says:

    I’m with you guys, 100%. I investigated this myself, and guess what…you guys are right. There is no proof whatsoever that Crowley sired Barbara Bush. This is just another in a long line of misunderstandings. People perpetuate this cultural meme because they have to, otherwise their paranoid view of the occult and other things they don’t understand would not make sense to them. Besides, if this isn’t true, then guys like Alex Jones can be wrong, and that can’t possibly be (according to his avid followers).
    Love is the Law
    Love Under Will

  21. doug brumfield says:

    im not sure one way or another, but isnt it fairly simple to prove this one way or another? I personaly think its true but I cant prove it but can you Prove Its not?

    • ac2012 says:

      Yes it is simple. All you have to do is go looking for the evidence for it, and you won’t find any. Then look at the April Fool’s day post and the other posts in the same blog that have been done every April 1. Then consider the fact that we have corresponded with the author of that blog. If you aren’t an April Fool it should be quite easy for you up come to the correct conclusion.

    • Yep13 says:

      Mother Pauline was in Europe. ASKED to come over by a female friendthat did take her to visits with Crowley. She managed to be at least 1 month pregnant by the time the Ship docked back in America. Her husband did not travel to or from Europe with her. Put older photos of Crowley & Barbara side by side Now that’s a an education! Twins!

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  23. When you try to discredit even the documented factual things you serve only in discrediting your own self…..come on your not that good at it , its Plausable deniability remember?…and yes I know I cant spell…

    • ac2012 says:

      You would like it to be a documented factual thing, but it’s not. There is no documentation of these facts because there are no facts to document. We are confident that history will show us to be the lone voice in the wilderness which was correct about this matter, but you are of course free to go on believing any nonsense you like. The April Fool’s joke is on you!

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