Questions from our fans

We’ve been asked a couple of great questions by our fans:

1. Do you really want this guy as President of the United States?

Some of Crowley’s political ideas may seem strange, ludicrous, or unconscionable to you. We maintain that all Crowley’s ideas are worthy of consideration and discussion, and we are all free to come to our own conclusions and disagree with him on any subject of course. There are a couple things we’d like to encourage all our readers to keep in mind:

2. Who will Crowley’s running mate be?

What an excellent question! We had considered suggesting Leah Hirsig but realized that asking people to write in someone who is dead and not even from this country might be a bit much to ask. Therefore, we suggest that you write yourself in as Crowley’s running mate!

Anyone who wants to say anything, off with his head, and On with the Dance; let Joy be unconfined, You at the prow and Therion at the helm! Off we go.

3. Are you going to have stickers and t-shirts and stuff?

You can get some very nice propaganda and souvenirs (great for conversation at parties, btw) at our CafePress store, or make your own by going to our “Send your pics” page and downloading printable images.

About ac2012

We realize that Aleister Crowley is dead. And British. And, moreover, not running for office. Nevertheless, we believe that the most effective vote you can cast in 2012 is one for Aleister Crowley. “The absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.”
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