First Political Ad of 2012

Many thanks to Jackie Broyles and Dunlap of Red State Update for making the following YouTube ad for Aleister Crowley 2012:

Thanks guys! Keep up the Great Work! (By the way Dunlap, doing your True Will means, basically, to fulfill your inmost nature.)

Update: We believe this, Aleister Crowley’s first campaign ad created by Red State Update, is the first campaign ad in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. We also have prepared a handy Guide to the Red State Update Ad.

Also see our campaign videos page.

About ac2012

We realize that Aleister Crowley is dead. And British. And, moreover, not running for office. Nevertheless, we believe that the most effective vote you can cast in 2012 is one for Aleister Crowley. “The absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.”
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