Poison Pill

In a thought-provoking post about our campaign, Agitprop asked, “can a message be promulgated through a write-in campaign for a dead guy?” He points out the risk of such efforts:

“… message promulgation, using means established by The System/The Machine/The Spectacle, (a system fundamentally opposed to the kind of Liberty the Crowley 2012ers propose,) runs the risk of the message being appropriated and reordered to suit the whims of that system.”

We are, however, confident of the impossibility of this risk. We maintain that the message of Thelema is a poison pill to any system of control which would attempt to appropriate it. In fact, we maintain that The Spectacle would be reordered and appropriated by Thelema to the exact extent to which The Spectacle attempted to appropriate and reorder Thelema. We believe this is one reason Crowley remains depicted in spectacular, greatly exaggerated ways by even respected outlets like The Nation. Nothing repels The Spectacle more than Crowley’s true message of fundamental liberty.

Indeed, even the tabloid journalism and spectacular depictions of Aleister Crowley have ultimately served our purposes.

“The open preaching of this Law, and the practice of these precepts, will arouse discussion and animosity, and thus place thee upon a rostrum whence thou mayest speak unto the people.”

About ac2012

We realize that Aleister Crowley is dead. And British. And, moreover, not running for office. Nevertheless, we believe that the most effective vote you can cast in 2012 is one for Aleister Crowley. “The absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.”
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7 Responses to Poison Pill

  1. nat213 says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before you Americans come crawling back to the British to rule you because you cant do it youselves

    • ac2012 says:

      Funny :) and thanks for commenting! But you say this, as if the British have been doing anything other than what the U.S. wishes?

      Why is it that Aleister Crowley has such a bad reputation in your country anyway? He’ll have an easier time being elected here than in the U.K.!

      • nat213 says:

        Most people in the UK havent heard of him – doesnt he have a bad reputation all over? Somerset Maughn spent a good few pages dissing him in the forward to his novel, ‘The Magician’ and that was just on a personal basis. Which is a good book btw. Anyway, I like your campaign :-)

      • ac2012 says:

        That’s odd, we thought he was as well known there as Mickey Mouse is here. he was after all named one of the top 100 Britons of all time in a 2002 BBC poll. Oh well. Thanks for your support!

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